Why users choose Telegram
Because he is "the most" everywhere:

Also free, forever.

Below you will find out how Telegram can be useful for business.
If you do not want to read or already know what you need - leave a request, we will contact you.
Telegram can be the main or additional
tool in your marketing strategy
If you do not want to read or already know what you need - leave a request, we will contact you.
Аудитория Telegram имеет свои особенности Аудитория Telegram имеет свои особенности
Telegram tools for business
For example: restaurant
& nbsp; Customer channel
  • Publish recipes from the chef.
  • Show menu of the week or seasonal news.
  • Tell us about how you choose suppliers, or how the chef personally goes to buy vegetables every morning.
  • Advertise food delivery.
& nbsp; Team for employees

A place where staff can communicate and discuss business matters. Describe how customers react to a new dish. Ask who could switch shifts. Make a joke. The collective spirit grows with informal exchanges.

& nbsp; Bot in a group for employees

The bot will remind the schedule of each employee. Describes areas of responsibility. Shows cleaning instructions before closing.

& nbsp; Bot for clients

The bot will help customers to book a table or make an online order. Shows the menu of the day. You can even arrange contactless service using a bot.

For example: fitness club
& nbsp; Customer channel
  • Make a selection of exercises for each zone.
  • Take some pictures of the correct technique.
  • Recommend aids at home.
  • Advertise special loyalty passes or additional services like a sauna or pool.
& nbsp; Team for employees

You can put together a group of pilates sections or a group of everyone who goes to an individual trainer. Let them talk to each other, discuss training, fitness and healthy lifestyle news.

Show them the same advertisements as your channel users. Collect job feedback and insights to expand your services.

& nbsp; Bot in a group for employees

The bot will remind you about sanitary hours, the need to undergo a medical examination and bring sanction books. Will tell you who is not the reception today.

& nbsp; Bot for clients

With the help of the bot, customers can buy, freeze and renew subscriptions. Or find out what to wear for your first stretch workout.

For example: a B2B company with an offline office
& nbsp; Customer channel
  • The channel can become a platform for PR-activities: tell about your successes, news and significant dates.
  • Customers will be pleased to know that they are in a good partnership.
  • You can monetize your channel by promoting new services to existing customers.
& nbsp; Team for employees

Employees decide which menu to order for the week. The person responsible for fire safety is selected. Or discuss work tasks if the team is small. They ask each other for help or are looking for a document that has been lost on the way from the client to the accountant (everyone has it, right?).

& nbsp; Bot in a group for employees

The bot will help you solve routine tasks & mdash; order a pass, lunch, call the system administrator.

& nbsp; Bot for clients

Using a bot, clients can request a copy of documents. Find out the terms of service for the next year or request a call from a specialist.

Above we have provided examples of how you can use
channels, groups and bots separately.
A huge number of configurations can be obtained from these three tools:
Channel + group
Channel + bot
Channel + group + bot
We will help you decide which tools
your business needs
Что мы можем сделать для вас
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Истории успеха в Telegram
  • A full-fledged content project that replaced blog and social networks

    Telegram channel "Digital Medicine": for specialists who are interested in digital health. Despite the narrow focus of the topic, the authors receive more than 1200 views of each news. Whereas pharmaceutical media & mdash; about 500.

    Whose channel: The Doctor at Work social network for doctors.
  • Channel and group that brought together journalists from all over the world

    Breaking Trends Telegram channel about "extraordinary media trends". For communication and exchange of experience, we created Breaking Chat & mdash; a closed group, which can only be entered by journalists through a survey.

    Whose channel: author's channel of media analyst Yulia Zagitova.
  • 500,000 rubles for 2 months in Telegram

    Several cases in one at once. How to make money on the channel, even if you have 2000 subscribers. There are many ways to monetize: advertising, selling channels, workshops.

    Whose channel: author and Telegram entrepreneur Ivan Brown.