These are your new employees.
Copywriters, designers, designers, illustrators, developers (front-end, back-end, full stack) and testers. With them you do not need to draw up an employment contract and engage in other bureaucratic routine.
Only work.
Payment for the result.
You do not need to draw up a detailed TOR if you do not understand anything about it. Just describe the challenges the business has to solve.

You need hourly specialists if:

You basically don't have a web development department.

Development tasks are rare and it is not profitable to keep an entire state for them. Worst-case scenario: delegate the task to someone who is more free. What is worth drawing a new logo? Let's entrust it to an accountant!

The best option: you hire an employee by the hour, and finally let your accountant handle the quarterly report.

There is a web development department or individual employees, but they don't have a suitable specialist or they are already heavily loaded.

Or the skills of a full-time employee are not enough to solve the assigned tasks. There is a designer, but you need an illustrator, for example. Worst case: you still entrust the case to him. And you get a result corresponding in quality.

The best option: contact an hourly employee. And you get the result from an experienced specialist.

Let's share with you the best specialists!

We work every day with tasks from different business areas: from a flower workshop to the largest network of virtual reality halls in Europe.

How do you know how many specialists you need?

Short test
Determine the difficulty of the task
A task that obviously only needs one skill.
For example: write the text for the home page of the site.
One employee will work on the task.

How the final cost of the specialist's work is formed:

  • Task: write the text for the main page of the site;
  • Artist: copywriter;
  • Price per hour: $ 15;

A copywriter spends 45 minutes (0.75 hours) solving a problem;

You are billed $ 11.25 for this job.

A task that seems to have several stages of work.
For example: to prepare an online advertising campaign.
The manager will divide the task into subtasks and determine which specialists are needed.

How does the task breakdown into subtasks look like:

  • Understand and formulate the objectives and targets of the advertising campaign;
  • Draw up a placement plan (collect site estimates);
  • Collect the requirements of the sites for the design of the advertising campaign;
  • Set a task for a copywriter to create texts;
  • Puzzle the designer by preparing pictures;
  • Give a task to the programmer to install and configure statistics and accounting systems.
In any case, we first draw up an estimate, coordinate it with you, and only then complete the task. This way you will know how much money to count on.
We do not issue sky-high invoices after work is completed. Everything is transparent.

What specialists are available


Cost per hour: $15
A specialist who formulates your business objectives into specific words and sentences that will be understandable to the end consumer.

UX designer

Cost per hour: $20
In our team, copywriters combine the function of UX designers. They create prototypes of pages, breaking them into semantic blocks. They indicate where the button should be, what should be written on the button, where the illustration should be and what kind of signature it should have.


Cost per hour: $20-25
Renders what the copywriter-designer has prepared before. Increases the effect of viewing each semantic block.
His task is to create meaningful images. They only become meaningful when they are based on precise textual wording. Ideal design is when the user is too lazy to read the text in the block, but still understands the main point.


Cost per hour: $20-25
Creates images from scratch, refines and rework existing images. Meanwhile, the designer only works with ready-made images. Cropping photos, adding icons and shadows is up to the designer. Changing a face from a regular photo to a comic book hero - to an illustrator. An image of what is not yet in real life, but only invented in words - again to the illustrator

Front-end developer

Cost per hour: $20
An employee who works with the visible part of the site. If you see that on the site a picture runs into a button, the text crawls out of the block, or there is a horizontal scroll on the page, then you need to contact the front-end developer.

Back-end developer

Cost per hour: $20-25
The person who forms the logic of the site, its interaction with the database, with the CMS, with other systems. If your site has an admin panel in which you can view a list of requests from clients - all tasks on the panel are solved by the back-end. If you need to send orders directly to CRM (which means - connect and configure a CRM system) - this is also to the back-end. Integration with any services, be it CRM, email service or databases - the back-end does all this.


Cost per hour: $12-15
Checks all possible custom scenarios before you start showing pages to potential customers. On each page, he pokes at all possible buttons, records and describes in detail situations when the reaction of the site was not obvious or visually some of the blocks were not displayed as we would like. Checks the site on all devices: from a mobile phone to a widescreen laptop. A tester is useful not only when you have created a website and want to test it before release. This will be the first specialist to take on your project when you decide to finalize it.

Cooperation process

You voice
The manager determines
We agree on a
We carry out
You pay only
time spent
to work

You do not need to draw up a detailed TOR if you do not understand anything about it.

Just describe the challenges the business has to solve.

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