What are stickers?

Stickers are images (badges) for Telegram. They’re much like emojis, except that more complex. Both emojis and stickers can be used to express emotions. The difference is that emojis are simple icons, which are the same for everyone, while stickers may be different: complex, animated, of any color and arbitrarily themed.

You decide what will be depicted on your stickers. For example, if the stickers are meant for B2B, they may personify your most charismatic employee – the one all your partners know and remember.

Examples of cool stickers launched by brands
Sbercat and Nipper by Sberbank of Russia
Times installed: 20,907

Sbercat is the hero of social networks. Sberbank of Russia invented and launched him in 2017. The purpose is to attract the younger generation. Sbercat gives out free advice and stickers, runs different contests.

Dirol Jack by Dirol
Times installed: 13,396

It’s a sticker package made by Dirol for an advertising campaign featuring a character called Joe. The campaign was held on Youtube. To support the campaign, they made Telegram stickers. Dirol have created two tools reaching out to the target audience via different communication channels, Youtube and Telegram.

Smetana: stickers for a true brand manager
Times installed: 12,882

Smetana creative agency has launched a sticker package with the most memorable quotes within the advertising and digital area. These are phrases said by the customers, the CEO, or the advertising experts themselves.

We develop stickers bearing in mind the interests of target audience.

If the target audience are teens 13 to 18 years old, we pick out trending slang phrases. For an in-house corporate sticker package or for experts in particular area, we will use phrases which are popular within your market segment, like in the Smetana’s example.

How a sticker package emerges in Telegram

Anyone willing can create and upload a sticker package. After uploading, it is added to the catalog of Telegram stickers. If the sticker package becomes popular, it enters the top of the catalog.

You can advertise the sticker package. However, if the sticker package is really cool, the users will distribute it willingly – you won’t even need advertising.

The cost of developing a sticker package depends on complexity of the items to be drawn and the number of stickers.

A set of 5-10
static stickers

starting from $400

A set of 5-10
animated stickers

starting from $700
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