Our team will create a landing page from scratch for your customer for 50,000 rubles in just 2 weeks.

We are ready to take on other website development tasks that you cannot cope with!

No development department?

If your agency does not have a development department, do not rush to refuse applications for creating landing pages and full-fledged sites. Transfer them to us under an outsourcing agreement.

Inappropriate budget?

If the development budget does not suit you, and the client is important for the agency, we can cooperate with him on your behalf.

Running out of time to finish your project?

If your development team does not cope with all projects, we are ready to help them and take on some of the tasks.

In these cases, we will offer an optimal solution in terms of price and quality.
We will tell you more about each of them.

We will tell you more about each of them.

Fill out a simple form and we will tell you all the details of cooperation!

Don't have your own development department?

We will create a landing page for your client for only 50,000 rubles!
Your agency specializes only in driving traffic, SEO-promotion or advertising, and the customer needs a one-page website? Contact someone who can develop it.
Below are the options for solving this problem and the features of each of them.


  • low cost
  • limited functionality
  • copywriting and imaging skills required

Inhouse studios

  • quality and performance assurance
  • high cost
  • long lead time


  • average cost
  • difficult to find a professional
  • fraud risk

We offer the creation of landing pages up to 10 screens with a budget of 50,000 rubles - for this money the customer will receive a turnkey one-page website.

You - authority in the eyes of the client, the customer - profit, we - an order for the development of ... bingo! Everyone won. The client will understand that the agency is able to solve any problem, so he will contact you next time.
To make development at such rates for our team cost-effective, we would like to receive 3-5 orders or more from the agency per month.
Do you have a counter-offer? Let's discuss!
We will not demand additional payments for each comma and bother with endless questions, but at the same time we expect a clearly formulated business problem, because a landing page is created to solve it. The development process will be as productive as possible if you appoint one supervisory manager on your part, who will not change during the work on the project.

Do you only work with large budgets for building websites?

Our developers are ready to help with the rest of the projects!

The client's development budget does not suit you, but you don't want to give it up?

A satisfied client re-contacts the agency, which solved his problem, but with a large order.
The budget will be much larger, and you will make good money on such a project.

Even if you refuse an order, you can still profit from it.

How? Recommend us to your clients and get an agency fee!

Loyal customer has a limited budget to build a website?

We are implementing this project for your company!

Does your team have time to cope with all projects?

Entrust urgent tasks to our developers!

If you understand that you do not have time to take on a project, we can help in this case. We will complete the work on time, and the client will promptly pay your agency in full.

As a result, everyone will be satisfied: you will receive profit and new orders, the client & ndash; completed work on time, and we & ndash; development order and your income.

We meet the deadlines!

Our developers are responsible for adhering to the deadline so that the customer pays off with you in a timely manner and gets positive emotions from the joint project.

Are you interested in our offer?

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